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Stewart & Brierley locally manufacture simple filling machinery designed specifically for the African market. Originally Stewart & Brierley imported this type of equipment from Europe, these machines have now evolved into a practical range of equipment for the small manufacturer.

FME "Little Wonder"

  • Time controlled filling machine
  • High accuracy for light liquids
  • Rubber impellor or gear pump
  • Frequency inverter, speed control
  • Fill and dwell time setting
  • Self priming pump
  • From water to viscous gels and creams
  • Adjustable from 20ml to 20l
  • Gear pump
  • Gear pump system
  • Stainless steel and Teflon contact parts
  • Non return valve ball and seat
  • High accuracy
  • Lights to indicate run and sto

Model FMC
Pneumatic filling machine

The repeat a fill (fmc) was initially designed for hair relaxer. The design was for a simple machine which could be exported all over Africa where reliability is key. Today there are 3 machines in Mauritius, 2 in Kenya, 3 in Ghana, 24 in Uganda, 8 in Malawi, 7 in Zambia, 4in Angola, 12 in Mozambique and each machine filling around 6000 to 10000 per day. It’s popularity is due to the special 3way valve system.
It can be used with a hopper or direct coupled to an over head bulk tank. With 3 triclover clamps the machine can be completely striped for cleaning.

  • Pneumatically operated rotary valve system
  • Adjustable 50ml-500ml or 100ml to 1000ml
  • 50l hopper
  • Available with auto cycling or foot pedal
  • Nozzles to suit your product or bottle
  • Easily cleaned with triclover clamps


  • For filling thick liquids e.g. mascara nail varnish etc.
  • Fma filling 50ml – 500ml
  • FMB 2ml – 20ml
  • Complete with hopper and foot pedal
  • Nozzle to suit your product or jar

FMD Vacuum Filler

  • 2 head vacuum filler
  • For filling glass bottles and ridged containers
  • Nozzles to suit your product

Air Powered Mixer

The air powered mixer is an economical low speed high torque mixer which can be mounted with a clamp on the side of a tank or drum. Due to the pneumatic operation it is flame proof and variable speed. Available with a wide range of propellers and variable shaft length.

Scale Filler

  • Specifically designed for various viscosity filling  applications
  • From 5 kg – 25 kgs
  • Including diving nozzle and speed control on filling

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