Packaging and Processing Machinery by Stewart & Brierley

Stewart & Brierley represent major international packaging and processing machinery companies and can supply you with the following products:

Filling machines - we do a local range of semi automatic piston fillers suitable for medium to high viscosity liquids with volume adjustment 50ml to 500ml 100ml to 1000ml and 1000ml to 5000ml pneumatically operated with auto cycle or foot pedal and hopper or direct coupling.

Little wonder gear pump type semi automatic filler with either gear pump or rubber impellor pump suitable for light viscosities from water to shampoo, very accurate with fill and dwell time controlled with variable speed to fill 2ml to 20l.

Silverson mixers - Emulsifiers range from laboratory to large scale batch mixers, inline mixers, bottom entry mixers, flash blenders and special mixers. The number 1 name in shear mixers.

Netzsch Feinmahltechnik GMBH - Offer a range of fine grinding mills and dispersing equipment, wet mills for homogenizing , disintegrating of solids to nano partial size. Most commonly used in, ink, printing ink, auto motive paint, paint, coatings, pigments, agricultural chemicals, cocoa. Chocolate, magnetic coating, tungsten carbide, minerals, lubricants, cosmetics, ceramics, biotechnology, universities.

Pamasol - the leading company in aerosols and spray systems offering filling , crimping , gassing from laboratory to high speed automatic machines up to 600 cans per minute with water bath testing valve inserting , spray button inserting and fully automatic capping systems.


Stewart & Brierley was established in 1968 by Norman Stewart & Ken Brierley.

The company represents some main stream European packaging and processing equipment manufacturers. With its associating with these companies they have developed many allied equipment supplies, i.e. importing aerosol machinery from Europe which they put together with local suppliers of gas pumps; product pumps; mixers; mixing vessels; conveyors; etc. This gives a complete turn key production unit for the production of aerosols.

Locally Stewart & Brierley have supplied over 80 aerosol customers; 8 high speed machines filling toothpaste; 8 cosmetic tube fillers; 11 machines producing ink and over 200 high shear mixers in operation.

The above users include all the main multi-nationals as well as the main local producers and third party manufacturers who have supported Stewart & Brierley for over 40 years.